1. Institute proactive vigilance & preventive vigilance and help employees to take clean and effective decisions.

  2. Ensuring prompt observance of proper conduct, ethics relating to integrity.

  3. To eliminate or minimize factors or ways which provide opportunity for corruption or malpractices through in depth examination of the organization and procedures.

  4. Encourage team spirit, innovative ideas and work with speed and quality towards transparent & accountable system.

  5. Suggestions/recommendations to the management to develop systems and procedures.

  6. Create vigilance awareness amongst the employees and bring about change in the work culture and work ethics.

  7. Implementation of CVC guidelines in the interest of the organization.

  8. Propagating the culture of lodging of online complaints under the Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers Resolution (PIDPR-popularly known as Whistle Blowers’ Resolution), whereby the identity of the complainant would be kept secret and he/she would be protected from victimization.

  9. Streamlining investigation in order to give deterrence to the corrupt elements and to encourage honesty as a culture among employees at all levels.

  10. Regular inspection and surprise visits, to check quality or speed of work, sensitive posts and personnel, surveillance on various activities.