5 [(d) On the 1st of December, 1963 in respect of all coal mines situated in the State of Nagaland.]
1 [(iv) The provisions of this Scheme shall come into force on the 1st of December, 1957 in respect of the Sasti Coal Mine]
[For extension to Assam see para 1 of Appendix I,
For extension to Talcher see para 1 of Appendix II,
For extension to the States of Rewa and Korea see para 1 of Appendix III,
For extension to J&K see para 1 of Appendix IV]
    In this Scheme, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context
  1. "Act" means the Coal Mines Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1948 (XLVI of 1948) ;
  2. "Basic Wages" means the total cash emoluments, whether earned while 6n duty or while on leave with pay, but excluding all payments for food concession, dearness, house rent and other similar allowances, overtime, bonus, commission, presents, or donations ;
  3. "Board" means the Board of Trustees constituted under [Section 3-A of the Act].
    * [(cc) "Chief Inspector of Mines" has the meaning assigned to it in Subsection (1) of Section 5 of the Mines Act, 1952 (35 of 1952) ;
  4. "Children" means legitimate children and includes adopted children if the '(commissioner) is satisfied that under the personal law of the member adoption of a child is legally recognised ;
  5. "Commissioner" means the Coal Mines Provident Fund Commissioner appointed under *[sub section (1) of section 3-C of the Act] ;
  6. "Excluded Employee" means an employee
8 (i) who, having been a member of the Fund once, withdraw the
amount of his accumulation in the Fund either in whole or in part on permanent retirement after attainment of the age of 50 years or on retirement on account of total incapacity due to bodily or mental infirmity acquired after attaining the age of 50 years, or,
  1. Clause (iv) inserted vide S.R.O. 3566 dated 31.10.57.
  2. Inserted vide S-O. 2620 dated 26.11.61.
  3. Inserted by S.R.O. 1360 dated 1.6.56.
  4. * Omitted by S.R.O. 1360 dated 1.6.56.
  5. Clause (g) reconstituted vide S.O. 2620 dated 26.11.61.,
  6. Sub-clause (d) added vide GSR 690 dated 25.4.1964
    x The words and figures "paragraph 3 of this Scheme" substituted vide G.S.R. 492 dated 1.4.66.
  7. * The words and figures "paragraph 23 of this scheme" substituted vide G.S.R. 492 dated 1.4.66.
  8. Sub-clause (i) substituted vide G.S.R. 509 dated 5.4.72.
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